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Trainee James Biagioni featured on Google Tech Talks


On March 7, 2013, James Biagioni presented his work on Map Inference from GPS Traces to a Google audience. His presentation was recorded, and is now being featured as a Google Tech Talk. James and his adviser Prof. Jakob Eriksson published their work in Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board Automatically, as well as several conferences. Automatically inferring maps from opportunistically collected GPS traces has a range of valuable applications. For example, where no manually-produced maps exist, inferred maps may be the only available option. Elsewhere, inferred maps may be used to detect changes to the road network and to pin-point errors in existing maps. Map inference may also be used to produce custom maps for certain classes of travelers, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, truckers, or tourists, by feeding in data from different sources. The GPS traces needed for producing such maps are becoming increasingly available due to the popularity of smartphones and GPS navigators, which capture large volumes of user location traces on a daily basis.

Address Goals

James’ research gets recognized by leading industry player which indicates the potential of his work on technology transforming.