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Featured Research in Neuromodulation


NSF-funded IGERT-Neuroengineering faculty and students at the University of Minnesota were recognized for their work in brain stimulation research with the cover of the March issue of IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering for their collaborative paper: “Neuromodulation for Brain Disorders: Challenges and Opportunities.” The collaborative paper highlighted several recent advances in brain stimulation that have been pioneered by IGERT-Neuroengineering faculty and students. IGERT faculty and Co-PI Prof. Matt Johnson is the first author of the cover article:

The paper also formed the basis for a highly successful Neuromodulation Symposium in April 2013, which was organized by IGERT-Neuroengineering PI, Dr. Bin He. Through the symposium, IGERT trainees were able to engage in substantiative dialogue with key leaders in the emerging field of neuromodulation and with backgrounds in academia, industry, and government.

Address Goals

The journal publication and international symposium demonstrated that the resources provided through the IGERT program have helped further establish the United States as the leader in Neuroengineering research, a topic that has significant potential to transform human well-being and decrease costs of health care. From a training perspective, the activities also provided substantiative opportunities for our trainees to interact with key leaders in the field of Neuroengineering research to gain insight into opportunities for careers that advance the field of Neuroengineering.