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IGERT LifeChips Researchers build apparatus for measurements of a single biomolecule


Under the leadership of his advisor Phil Collins, IGERT LifeChips fellow Maxim Akhterov has built an apparatus for low-noise and high-bandwidth electronic measurements of a single biomolecule. In collaboration with the chemistry research group of Professor Gregory Weiss, the apparatus is now used to study enzyme kinetics. Interdisciplinary training of IGERT program has been essential to Maxim’s understanding of how concepts from physics and engineering should be applied to design an apparatus for biological measurements. The research collaboration has resulted in the following achievements: successful design and troubleshooting of an apparatus to study single molecule interactions, development of protocols for sample preparation and handling, and the collection of preliminary high resolution data for a conformation dynamics of a lysozyme molecule.

Address Goals

Primary Goal: Research Infrastructure: The development of this apparatus by IGERT LifeChips fellow Maxim Akhterov will advance the nations research of enzyme kinetics. Secondary Goal: Discovery In furthering the ability to research enzyme kinetics, the medical community has increased capability for discovering new treatments for life threatening diseases, such as HIV.