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Prof. Kelvin Lee’s group at the University of Delaware recently reported the creation of an international industrial-academic-government partnership to host, maintain, and disseminate genome-scale information on Chinese hamster ovary cells… the most important platform cell line used in the production of over $60 billion dollars of biopharmaceuticals each year in the United States (reported in Hammond S, Kaplarevic M, Borth N, Betenbaugh M, Lee KH (2012). Chinese Hamster Genome Database: An Online Resource for the CHO Community at, Biotechnology and Bioengineering 109: 1353-1356). This work was supported by NSF.

Address Goals

This work brings together the international community working with CHO cells to advance shared information and resources related to genome-scale data through a common infrastructure. Having a reference genome provides an opportunity for design of new cell lines and more efficient and effective manufacturing of medicines.