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Water Dipomacy Series Launched


Effective resolution of our increasingly complex, boundary-crossing water problems demands integration of scientific knowledge of water in both natural and human systems along with the politics of real-world problem solving. Water professionals struggle to translate ideas that emerge from science and technology into the messy context of the real world. We need to find more effective ways to bridge the divide between theory and practice and resolving complex water management problems when natural, societal and political elements cross multiple sectors and interact in unpredictable ways. The Anthem Water Diplomacy Series is a step in that direction. Our 15-member Editorial Board includes a diverese set of water scholars and practitioners from around the world.

Address Goals

Contributions in Water Diplomacy Series will diagnose water management problems, identify intervention points and possible policy changes, and propose sustainable solutions that are sensitive to diverse viewpoints as well as conflicting values, ambiguities and uncertainties. This is a continuation of our recently published book titled Water Diplomacy: A Negotiated Aprroach to Managing Complex Water Networks (Routledge and RFF Press 2012).