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Outreach to Girl Scouts


Theresa Bauer, NSF-IGERT Trainee, was invited to give a presentation on the impacts of invasive earthworms in Minnesota at the Girl Scouts-Vista Service Unit’s Annual Weekend Encampment, with the theme of “Back to Basics” on May 13th, 2011. This event was held at the Elk River Girl Scout Camp, in Elk River, Minnesota. The audience consisted of approximately 91 girl scouts ranging from grades 2-7. Additionally, there were approximately 32 adults in the audience. The presentation began with an introduction of earthworms, their life cycles, and the different types of earthworms. The heart of the presentation focused on earthworms and Minnesota’s northern hardwood forests, the impacts of these invasive earthworms, and what the audience can do to prevent the spread of invasive earthworms. There was a 20-minute Question & Answer session following the formal presentation. Informational brochures and handouts were distributed.

Girl Scouts by Grades:

  • Grades 2-3: 27

  • Grades 4-5: 37

  • Grades 6-7: 27

Vista Service Unit, Girl Scouts Annual Weekend Encampment, “Back to Basics” Theme Elk River Girl Scout Camp May 13th, 2011

Address Goals

The girl scouts became involved in the presentation and responded to prompts given by Theresa. This activity provided these girls with a positive science experience and new knowledge about the damage that worms cause on northern hardwood forests.