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Energy and Sustainability Conference


One highlight of the University of Delaware Solar Hydrogen IGERT was the Fifth Annual Energy and Sustainability Conference on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 15-17 September. The first day, held on campus, featured a panel discussion by the heads of the energy centers at U. Penn, U. Maryland, and University of Delaware on the future of energy research. The panel was followed by Prof. Mohamad Al-Sheikly who discussed where nuclear energy would fit into the energy portfolio. After lunch, Greg Kiss, founder and CEO of Native American Photovoltaics, described how renewable energy would fit into green architecture. Next Steve Dentel, civil engineering professor at Delaware, related the progress of introduction of solar powered pump stations in Cameroon by Engineers without Borders. The CEO and founder of the venture capital firm, Atlantic Renewable Energy, Barry Yerger described the use of economic principles in financing green start-up companies..

That evening Xiang Gao, a premier violinist, led a concert around sustainability. Classical and Chinese world music works were introduced by members of the IGERT. At the same time, a multi-media presentation on the wonders of nature and the importance of sustainability complemented the excellent music. More than one hundred people attended this concert.

Delaware senator Tom Carper introduced the second day, which emphasized the role of policy. One of the days highlights was a panel discussion that included Brian Murray, Director of Economic Analysis at Duke University, Manik Roy, vice-president for strategic outreach at the Pew Center for climate and energy solutions, Sarah King, Dupont Climate & Sustainability manager, and Jim Ford, mayor of Lewes, DE. Poster were presented by students from University of Delaware, Villanova, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Rutgers and UCLA

On the third day Energy and Sustainability reached out to the general community. Robin Morgan, dean of the UD College of Agriculture, shared her vision of the future of agriculture. Dwaine Lee from the Majora Carter Group described sustainability efforts in Bronx, New York. The morning concluded with a description of the Solar Field Installation at Longwood Gardens by Mark Winniki.

The conference was attended by over three hundred, including faculty, students, academic visitors, and the community. While the entire IGERT community contributed, the effort was led by Roy Murray, Chelsea Haughn, and Nicole Kotulak

Address Goals

The conference was attended by over three hundred, including faculty, students, academic visitors, and the community demonstrating world-class broadly inclusive science and engineering. to expand the scientific literacy of all citizens. US Senators, world-renowned musicians, scientists, and engineers participated in the conference.

By including policy, science, engineering, and the arts the conference enabled and encouraged research across traditional disciplinary boundaries.