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Interdisciplinary instrumentation course


Interdisciplinary Instrumentation Course: The field of nanomedicine is interdisciplinary in nature and in line with the spirit of IGERT program; the trainees in the IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology program at Northeastern University receive the appropriate training through research and course work. Also, one of the necessities of nanomedicine research is the use of sophisticated instrumentations to characterize the nanomaterials used in various projects. Two courses that have been designed by this program for the IGERT trainees bring together lectures and presentations from experts in physical, biological and pharmaceutical sciences, engineering and medical fields. In one course: Nanosystems Design in Biology and Medicine, the syllabus is structured as an instrumentation course. This course provides the necessary training to all the trainees in the use of these instruments. The Physico-chemical nanocharacterization core facility at Northeastern University has all the analytical tools required in nanomedicine-related research and the IGERT program leverages this facility for the instrumentation course. Through this course, the IGERT trainees receive unparalleled access to training on sophisticated instrumentations. This overall experience for the trainees gives them a rounded training in the emerging interdisciplinary field of nanomedicine.

Address Goals

Nanomedicine is an emergent paradigm that is being recognized as an academic program. There is a tremendous need to train young scientists and engineers in the rapid advances that have occured in this interdisciplinary field. It is anticipated that there will be a shortage of trained manpower in this area. Therefore the central theme of this IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology Program here at Northeastern University is to translate these rapid and ongoing developments in to academic program and train the next generation of scientists, physicians and engineerings in the field of nanomedicine.