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Trainee Onika Murray requested to co-chair a panel


Trainee Onika Murray was invited to participate as co-Chair in a scientific panel in a cancer meeting taking place in Greece last October (2010), and she was recently asked to participate in the same meeting again and co-chair a session. This recognition has come from previous presentations of her 3MT IGERT- funded work to this group, and increased awareness of our IGERT focus of research.

Address Goals

It highlights the research discovery and accomplishments of the 3MT trainees. It also indicates that Onika Murray and her work are becoming well recognized internationally. Along with Onika’s work it promotes 3MT as well, and the areas of research we are pursuing. From the learning perspective it provides a unique opportunity to the trainee to explore and learn this leadership aspect of a research career, and serve as a teacher as she helps the session’s audience to learn.