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NSMS Professional Science Masters


The Nanoscience and Microsystems IGERT program has continued to develop and broaden the curriculum offered to students in the NSMS Graduate Degree Program. The first curriculum hurdle was overcome with the establishment and implementation of the Nanoscience and Microsystems graduate degree program. This was one of the programs biggest successes. The NSMS IGERT program has also provided a mechanism for institutionalizing new elements into the NSMS curriculum. Recently, the NSMS added a Professional Science Masters (PSM) program. The NSMS PSM enables students in the NSMS and other Masters programs to take formal coursework in the Anderson School of Business, specifically from the Management of Technology focus which can be counted toward their degree requirements. The culminating event for this degree program is participation in the annual business competition sponsored by Anderson business school. At the most recent competition two of the NSMS students placed first and third. This educational achievement is especially significant in New Mexico, where the presence of National Laboratories and the Universities provide a fertile environment for the development of start-up companies in nanotechnology.

Address Goals

This highlight cultivates a world-class, broadly inclusive science and engineering workforce and expand the scientific literacy of all citizens by providing a workforce which is both scientifically savvy as well as capable in the ways and means of the management of technology. It aims to train a workforce that is dually functional. A workforce that is able to both create, market and manage their innovations. The program is also open to capable Anderson Business School students. This allows the impact to flow in both directions, it give scientists and engineers skills in business and gives business students knowledge and appreciation of core Nanoscience and Microsystems concepts. This new degree fosters research that will advance the frontiers of knowledge, emphasizing areas of greatest opportunity and potential benefit and establishing the Nation as a global leader in fundamental transformational science and engineering because science never stands alone. To be able to be capitalize and spread the most positive research developments all scientists need to be able to manage and market their discoveries. By the same token, having a business population who understand the intricacies of the science they are managing. The professional science masters program represents the marriage between science/engineering research and business/management ability.