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IGERT trainees find employment dispite the competitive job market


Even though the US is currently experiencing high unemployment rates, all of the IGERT graduates were able to find jobs and are all currently employed, which shows that our graduated IGERT PhD students are highly competitive. Our students, with their interdisciplinary training, are unique and sought-after in today’s job market. Through participation in the IGERT program, our trainees have had much exposure to workshops to improve their professional and career development. The improvement of these skills led to many job opportunities for the trainees.

IGERT Trainees:
Alisa Vasilenko (Rutgers, May 2011) will join L’Oreal as a Senior Chemist, James Scicolone (December 2010 defense, May 2011 graduation) will continue as a postdoc working at NJIT, Lauren Beach (April 2011 defense, May 2011 graduation) has joined Apprecia Pharmaceuticals, Langhorne, PA where they do 3-D Printing of orally dispersing dosage forms. She was hired as a Senior Formulation Scientist and now works in the Product Development department. Daniel To (April 2011 defense, May 2011 graduation) will also continue at NJIT working as a postdoc. All three of these trainees have been advised by IGERT faculty Professor Raj Dave.

The following IGERT Associates have also gained employment: Anna Zarow – (April 2011 defense, May 2011 graduation) will join J&J in Somerville, NJ (Professor Zafar Iqbal is her advisor) and Xiangxin Meng – (April 2011 defense, May 2011 graduation) – will also join J&J in Somerville, NJ (Professor Som Mitra is advisor).

Address Goals

This activity addresses the primary goal of learning because we are using learning to train our IGERT trainees to get the most of of this experience which includes workshops and seminars on their career and professional development. They learning better ways to market and sell themselves.