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Mentoring Outstanding High School Student


3MT IGERT Trainees Christina Bergonzo and AJ Campbell mentored Ruoyi Jiang, Individual Grand Prize Winner of the 2009 Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology. Ruoyi Jiang conducted his research under the direction of 3MT faculty member Professor Carlos Simmerling. Mr. Jiang won the award for an independent project entitled “Targeting Loop Dynamics in BetaI / BetaIII Isotype Tubulin: The Application of In Silico Techniques in Combating Chemotherapy Drug Resistance.” Mr. Jiang evaluated drugs that prevent cancer cells from developing resistance to chemotherapy.

Address Goals

The development of drug resistance is an important problem that is addressed in this work by using computational methods. The development of “in silico” techniques allows for a rapid assessment of factors that may control drug resistance. The same computational strategies, techniques, and programs are used by 3MT trainees to study DNA damage as a result of reactions with reactive oxygen species.

The mentoring of high-achieving high school students provides encourages students to seek a career in science. In addition, these activities often are our best mechanism to broaden participation.