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Choose Ohio First Scholarships


Wright State University competed for and won a 5-year Choose Ohio First Scholarship Grants from the Ohio Board of Regents. This grant application capitalized on the de facto center of excellence in disability and learning created by the LWD IGERT, OSAA and other projects by proposing a state of Ohio match to its leading-edge programming in the form of scholarships for students with disabilities studying in STEM areas. Approximately $3 million in flexible scholarship funding will be made available to qualifying students participating in OSAA college programming at Wright State and our collaborating institutions.

Address Goals

The Choose Ohio First scholarship funding adds the key financial element to the total solution of underrepresentation of students with disabilities in STEM field. It will undoubtedly increase the number of students entering STEM majors and assist with retention during critical second and third year studies. Combined with OSAA interventions and support systems, we expect that the scholarship monies will maximize our contribution to the ailing national science and engineering workforce.