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Trainee attend Inter-IGERT Workshop

Research Achievements

Trainee attend Inter-IGERT Workshop

Rachael Hansel, Ebonee Walker, and Travis Wade attended the 2010 Inter-IGERT Workshop at the University of Texas-Austin. At the workshop, they had the opportunity to attend academia, national lab, and industry panels. These panels highlighted the stark differences and expectations between jobs in academia, national labs and industry. They also attended an outreach panel that offered ideas for activities, funding sources, and target communities. The proposal writing seminar highlighted intricacies in writing proposals for government funding with emphasis on targeting different agencies/departments. Following the workshop, they invited one of the speakers from the Inter-IGERT meeting to come speak at Vanderbilt as well. In addition, they intend to put into action an outreach idea from the workshop. Namely, starting a high school science fair judged by IGERT students.