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Three-country collaborative project

Research Achievements

Three-country collaborative project

Statement from Anh Hoang: The success of my thesis work is an example of interdisciplinary collaborations. My IGERT internship to The University of Capetown (South Africa) launched a three countries (with South Africa and Brazil) collaboration project in the field of malaria research. In the last year, our team published the most up-to-date and biologically believable proposal for malaria crystallization, a process reported to be the active site of anti-malarial action. In addition, two follow-up manuscripts are in preparation for submission for publication. This collaborative exchange unites our team with two leaders in malaria research and allows us to share resources (instruments and personnel) and utilize the interdisciplinary knowledge of the team during productive discussion of experimental results and solutions. To foster this team spirit, this summer, representative from those countries will be visiting our group in an effort to exchange scientific training.