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IGERT program holds 19 interdisciplinary seminars

Education Achievements

IGERT program holds 19 interdisciplinary seminars

This past year, we held nineteen interdisciplinary seminars which were attended by our IGERT trainees in topics including computational finance, portfolio management and cost modeling, photon trsansport Monte Carlo, computational fluid mechanics in the ground transportation industry, fluid mechanics, detecting meteors on the moon, grid enabled neurological imaging, scientific visualization, cyberinfrastructure, massively parallel computing with graphics processors and CUDA, diagnostic image analysis of the chest, ATLAS at the large hadron collider, new frontiers of computational fluid dynamics, dynamical systems approach to turbulence. Seven of these seminars were presented by IGERT trainees, including seminars reporting on their internship experiences and research achievements. The seminars were attended not only by the IGERT trainees, but also their faculty advisors, visiting scientists, and other researchers from numerous departments at the University.