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Fisk-Vanderbilt cooperation develops

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Fisk-Vanderbilt cooperation develops

The Fisk-Vanderbilt cooperation in the IGPMS program continues to develop. In the latest iteration we have arranged to have an IGPMS core course, previously given only at Vanderbilt, to be given at either institution, for the convenience particularly of the Fisk-based bridge students. The core course, Phys 254 (Vanderbilt) or Physics 441 (Fisk) is basically undergraduate senior level/first year graduate level solid state physics (Kittel level -solid state). A careful comparison has been made of content and rigor, which was found to be comparable. Following IGPMS Faculty discussion it was agreed to have a trail period of 3 years to test the arrangement. The significance of this step is in the further merging of materials science between Vanderbilt and Fisk.