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Internship teaching undergraduate physics course

Education Achievements

Internship teaching undergraduate physics course

With the support of the IGERT internship program, Justin Gregory had the opportunity to teach an undergraduate course in Modern Physics at Lipscomb University. Lipscomb was an optimal choice for this program for two reasons: 1) It is only a few miles from Vanderbilt, which allowed Justin to continue his research work simultaneously with the internship, and 2) Lipscomb is a purely educational institution, which presents an environment in dramatic contrast to the heavy research emphasis of Vanderbilt. With the mentoring and support of a few of Lipscomb’s faculty, he wrote a course syllabus, prepared and delivered the lectures, designed and graded tests, and conducted office hours. The internship provided valuable experience in the classroom setting, and allowed Justin to develop his pedagogical abilities so that he will be better equipped for the dual demands of research and education in the academic community.