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NanoDays children's event at science museum

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NanoDays children's event at science museum

IGERT Fellows Jonathan Gosnell, Randy Scherer, Blake Branson, Peter Cieselski, Travis Wade, and Saad Hasan along with some other science and engineering graduate students and some undergraduate students from Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science (VSVS) teamed up with the Adventure Science Center (ASC), a non-profit children’s science museum in Nashville, to host a NanoDays event at ASC on April 4, 2009. Demonstrations of nanoscience concepts as well as examples of nanoscience research performed at Vanderbilt were shown to museum visitors of all ages that day. The demos were mostly geared towards elementary and middle school-aged children, but there were many high school-aged students as well. The event was part of a national NanoDays week with over 200 other institutions across the U.S. participating. (