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Nanoscale material growth at solid interfaces

Research Achievements

Nanoscale material growth at solid interfaces

Andrew Steigerwald, a Fisk-Vanderbilt IGERT student, learned first hand about nanoscale material growth at solid interfaces at Fisk University. Utilizing a novel growth technique (pulsed electron ablation), he published two first author and two co-authored peer reviewed papers with Professor Richard Mu at Fisk. His experience at Fisk led directly into a project at Vanderbilt in Professor Norman Tolk’s group investigating the deposition of various optoacoustic absorption layers on semiconductor surfaces. This research was truly extraordinary in that he discovered a way to measure point defect profiles in semiconductors non-destructively using ultrafast lasers, which up to that time was not thought to be possible. This revolutionary research direction has led to peer reviewed publications and oral presentations both at home and abroad. His work both at Fisk and at Vanderbilt provides a unique and comprehensive background, which contributes substantially to his success.