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Published student research in nanotechnology

Research Achievements

Published student research in nanotechnology

Publishing the research of our IGERT students achieves our research goals for interdisciplinary research in nanotechnology. Since the first IGERT fellows enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Materials Science (IGPMS) in fall 2004, the number of refereed student publications almost tripled, with IGPMS students as author or co-authors of 43 papers in 2008. Of these papers, 27 included IGERT students as authors. The papers can be grouped into the three thematic areas of our IGERT; NanoBio - 6 papers, e.g. "Synthesis of DNA oligonucleotides in mesoporous silicon", NanoOptics - 7 papers, e.g., "Enhancement of ZnO photoluminescence by localized and propagating surface plasmons" and NanoTechnology of Materials - 14 papers, which includes research that has advanced the knowledge in topics such as ultrafast laser-induced coherent spin dynamics in ferromagnetic GaMnxAs/GaAs structures and encapsulated white-light CdSe nanocrystals as nanophosphors for solid-state lighting.