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EEG signatures and learning

Trainee Achievements

EEG signatures and learning

IGERT trainee Aaron Faith is a 2nd year Bioengineering PhD student working with the Mixed Reality Stroke Rehabilitation group. Last year he led a 20-subject experiment to investigate EEG signatures predictive of learning in interactive environments. In preparation he trained in EEG recording with professional EEG technicians. In addition to using traditional analysis methods, Aaron developed new methods of EEG analysis based on content of information and information exchange between brain sites over time. The generated results unveiled the state of the brain network over time that could not be inferred from visual and/or traditional linear analysis of the EEG. He is further refining these results based on directional information measures and nonlinear dynamics, as well as combining these findings with results from the analysis of EMG and kinematics data from the same experiment. The analysis will appear at the 33rd Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference 2011.