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Brantly Sturgeon

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Brantly Sturgon received his BS in Electrical Engineering, double-minoring in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Evansville, located in southwestern Indiana in May of 2011 and is pursuing a MS in Electrical Engineering with a focus on signal processing. His main research interests include audio processing, speech recognition, psychoacoustics, brain-machine interfaces, and artificial intelligence. Currently, Brantly is working on improving audio feature selection and parametrization for human speech recognition techniques as applied to distinguishing the birdcalls of the Golden Cheeked Warbler. In addition, he hopes that this study will yield new dynamic programming techniques and new insight into applying dynamic programming speech recognition to birdcalls. He also works with Professor Robert Wickesberg in quantifying and analyzing the effects of spectrally degraded speech on auditory nerve signal ensembles. He is a part of Professor Douglas L. Jones’ research group.