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Terri Hedgpeth

About Me

I have worked in the area of disability for 17 years as a service professional, research faculty, and as an administrator. I have worked directly with students with a variety of disabilities including students who are blind and visually impaired, acquired brain injury, Attention Deficit Disorders, learning disabilities, psychological disabilities, physical and health related disabilities. I also directed the day to day operations of ASU’s Braille production facility for 6 years and was known nationally for my innovative research and ground breaking work in development of computer based production of tactile graphs/diagrams to make postsecondary STEM courses accessible for students who are blind. In addition, I lead the development of our CUbiC iCare reader, and the r&d of a fully accessible retail environment, for individuals who are blind, using RFID technologies to locate specific products and access all package information.
Being a professional, who happens to be blind, I am often sought out for my in-depth knowledge of assistive Technologies for persons who are blind or visually impaired.
My passions are in the area of accessibility for all people with disabilities, applying universal design to institutional policy development, guiding the human centered usability of innovative assistive technologies, raising awareness by teaching others about disability as a marginalized population in society, and the importance of inclusion and access for those with disabilities.