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Marco Santello

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My research aims at understanding the control of complex movements. Given the complexity of sensorimotor processes underlying motor control, I have used several complementary approaches ranging from measuring the electrical activity of muscles (EMG) to quantifying motion and forces during the execution of grasping and manipulation. I chose to work on the neural control of the hand as this system is characterized by a large number of elements or degrees of freedom (i.e., muscles, joints). Hence, the hand’s motor system is particularly useful to address questions related to neural strategies and mechanisms underlying the control of complex movements. Current work in my laboratory focuses on basic and applied motor control problems including (a) control of kinematics, kinetics and EMG of hand muscles during object grasping and manipulation, (b) investigation of electrical stimulation for sensory substitution/rehabilitation, © mathematical modeling of motor unit behavior, and (d) assessment of effects of musculoskeletal and neurological diseases on hand control finalized to the development of sensorimotor rehabilitation intervention.