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Christian Storm

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I graduated from Berkeley in 2003 with a Ph.D. in Biophysics. I mentored with Professor Walter J. Freeman. His lab focused on experimental verification and theoretical modeling of brain dynamics. “Our aim is to understand the ways in which the immense numbers of neurons in the human brain cooperate and coordinate their activities in creating intelligent behavior.” My thesis was entitled: Nonlinear Systems Identification: A Density of States Approach.

During graduate school my lab mate, John Barrie, and myself with a few others started a company. The company grew out of our pedagogical role in the University. The company, iParadigms, is most well known for its service. The service’s aim is to mange the life cycle of student writing and, in particular, ensure that their writing is original. We are doing the same in the academic world with our iThenticate/Crosscheck service that we put together with