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04/07/2014 Neural Dynamics of Reaching following Incorrect or Absent Motor Preparation Student/Faculty Work K. Cora Ames, Stephen I. Ryu, Krishna V. Shenoy article, student research, faculty research public
04/07/2014 Characterization of distinct root and shoot responses to low-oxygen stress in Arabidopsis with a focus on primary C- and N-metabolism Student/Faculty Work Angelika Mustroph , Gregory A. Barding, Kayla A. Kaiser, Cynthia K. Larive, Julia Bailey-Serres article, student research, faculty research public
03/05/2014 PET imaging with 89Zr: From radiochemistry to the clinic Student/Faculty Work Melissa A. Deri, Brian M. Zeglis, Lynn C. Francesconi and Jason S. Lewis article, student research, faculty research public
03/05/2014 Environment-responsive nanophores for therapy and treatment monitoring via molecular MRI quenching Student/Faculty Work Charalambos Kaittanis, Travis M. Shaffer, Anuja Ogirala, Santimukul Santra, J. Manuel Perez, Gabriela Chiosis, Yueming Li, Lee Josephson & Jan Grimm student research, article, faculty research public
12/13/2013 Drexel hosts Philly Materials Day Student/Faculty Work Steven Spurgeon article public
12/13/2013 Superdiffusive electron transport mediates laser-induced demagnetization Student/Faculty Work Steven Spurgeon article public
12/13/2013 Epitaxial strain tunes spintronic behavior of multiferroic BiFeO3 Student/Faculty Work Steven Spurgeon article public
12/13/2013 Electric field utilized to locally pin magnetic domain walls Student/Faculty Work Steven Spurgeon article public
06/27/2013 Evening methane emission pulses from a boreal wetland correspond to convective mixing in hollows Student/Faculty Work Godwin CM, PJ McNamara and CD Markfort article, student research public
06/04/2013 Demography and movement patterns of leopard sharks (Triakis semifasciata) aggregating near the head of a submarine canyon along the open coast of southern California, USA Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Andrew P. Nosal, D. C. Cartamil, J.W. Long, M Luhrmann, N.C. Wegner, J.B Graham article, student research public
05/29/2013 Commercial trade of federally listed threatened and endangered plants in the United States Student/Faculty Work Patrick D. Shirey, Brianna N. Kunycky, Dominic T. Chaloner, Michael A. Brueseke, Gary A. Lamberti article, student research, faculty research public
03/09/2013 Review and reinterpretation of Rio Grande silvery minnow reproductive ecology using egg biology, life history, hydrology, and geomorphology information Articles of Interest, Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Carl Nicolas Medley, Patrick D. Shirey article, student research public
01/23/2013 Experimental study of the impact of large-scale wind farms on land–atmosphere exchanges Articles of Interest Wei Zhang, Corey D Markfort and Fernando Porté-Agel article public
01/03/2013 Al conducts better than Cu at the atomic scale: A first-principles study of metallic atomic wires Articles of Interest Adam Simbeck, Nick Lanzillo, Neerav Kharche, Matthieu Verstraete, Saroj Nayak article public
09/29/2012 Identifying genetic signatures of selection in a non-model species, alpine gentian (Gentiana nivalis L.), using a landscape genetic approach Student/Faculty Work Helen Bothwell, Sarah Bisbing, Nina Overgaard Therkildsen, Lindsay Crawford, Nadir Alvarez, Rolf Holderegger and Stéphanie Manel article public
09/24/2012 Training for the Next Generation of Coastal Management Practitioners Articles of Interest, IGERT Curricula, Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Nathan Vinhateiro, Karen A. Sullivan, and Catherine G. McNally article, student research, curricula public
09/20/2012 On the Design of Highly Accurate and Efficient IIR and FIR Filters Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Gregory Beylkin, Ryan D. Lewis, and Lucas Monzon article public
08/29/2012 Turbulent flow and scalar transport through and over aligned and staggered wind farms Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Corey D. Markfort, Wei Zhang, Fernando Porté?Agel article, student research public
08/22/2012 Incidence and Spatial Distribution of Caribbean Yellow Band Disease in La Parguera, Puerto Rico Student/Faculty Work Francisco Soto-Santiago, Ernesto Weil article public
08/15/2012 Fabrication and characterization of nanopores with insulated transverse nanoelectrodes for DNA sensing in salt solution Student/Faculty Work K. Healy, V. Ray, L. J. Willis, N. Peterman, J. Bartel, and M. Drndic article, student research public
07/02/2012 Increased oceanic microplastic debris enhances oviposition in endemic pelagic insect Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Miriam Goldstein, Marci Rosenberg, Lanna Cheng article public
05/23/2012 Book Chapter 9: Lipid Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine. Student/Faculty Work *Mansour, H.M.*, Rhee, Y.S., Park, C.W., and DeLuca, P.P. faculty research, article, Book Chapter public
05/23/2012 Molecular Forces and Self Assembly in Colloid, Nano Sciences and Biology. Invited Paper. Student/Faculty Work *Mansour, H.M.* faculty research, article public
02/02/2012 Leaf-traits and growth allometry explain competition and differences in response to climatic change in a temperate forest landscape: a simulation study Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Mei Yu, Qiong Gao article, faculty research public
01/31/2012 Office Mix UP Interdisciplinary Ed, Organizations and Websites Peter A Coclanis higher education, article public
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