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01/29/2010 Venture Well East Judith Giordan
06/27/2009 Interested in start-ups and ventures, have an idea you'd like to think about comercializing??? Judith Giordan
06/16/2009 Women and Entrepreneurship and the Fall National American Chemical Society Meeting Judith Giordan
01/18/2012 3rd International Symposium on LifeChips Brittany Gray
06/03/2011 DOE EERE Postdoc Fellowship Opportunity Aaron Greco
06/27/2011 Summer Nanoscience Academy Annie Harding
09/16/2010 IGERT Doctoral Research Positions at the University of Idaho Marijka Haverhals
12/04/2009 UI-CATIE IGERT Research Assistantships Marijka Haverhals
07/28/2012 IEEE Life Sciences Grand Challenges Conference Bin He
04/01/2014 New Solicitation: NSF Research Traineeship Program (NRT) Kathryn Hobbs
03/31/2014 Call for Participation: Learning Science Workshop Research and Innovation for Enhancing Achievement and Equity Kathryn Hobbs
03/10/2014 IGERT Alumni Career Panel Webinar - Recording now available Kathryn Hobbs
03/03/2014 Symposium: Startups & NSF SBIR Program: Investments to Fuel Growth Kathryn Hobbs
02/24/2014 IGERT Video and Poster Competition Kathryn Hobbs
02/11/2014 PBS NewsHour Request for STEM Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Postdocs Kathryn Hobbs
01/16/2014 NSF Launches a Demo Site Kathryn Hobbs
01/09/2014 Cyber-Innovation for Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES) NSF Solicitation Kathryn Hobbs
12/09/2013 New Project Highlights and Achievements Now Posted Kathryn Hobbs
10/28/2013 7 Newly Funded NSF IGERT Programs Kathryn Hobbs
09/25/2013 Starts on Oct 1: Applying to the NIH SBIR Phase I Program for First-Time Applicants Kathryn Hobbs
07/31/2013 Socio-Environmental Synthesis Research Proposal Writing Workshop Kathryn Hobbs
06/19/2013 STEM Graduate Education Challenge Prompts Hundreds to Offer Ideas for Improvements Kathryn Hobbs
06/12/2013 Call for Posters: Scholarships for 30 IGERT Students! Kathryn Hobbs
05/29/2013 NSF IGERT Solicitation News Kathryn Hobbs
05/28/2013 2013 IGERT Video and Poster Competition: Thank you Kathryn Hobbs
Displaying news items 76 - 100 of 334
1 2 4 6 13 14