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Many thanks to the IGERT Trainee Poster Challenge Judges!


We would like to sincerely thank the judges for the 2010 IGERT Trainee Poster Challenge, who volunteered their time during the Project meeting to evaluate trainee posters and choose our 10 awardees. We list the judges and their affiliations below:

Dr. Craig R. Allen
PROJECT: IGERT: Resilience and Adaptive Governance in Stressed Watersheds
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Dr. Gary Benson
PROJECT: IGERT: Integrating Computational Science into Research in Biological Networks
Boston University

Dr. Robert Butera
PROJECT: IGERT: Hybrid Neural Microsystems: Integrating Neural Tissue and Engineered Systems
Georgia Tech Research Corporation – GIT

Dr. Lorrie Cranor
PROJECT: IGERT: Useable Privacy and Security
Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Alberto Cuitino
PROJECT: IGERT: NanoPharmaceutical Engineering and Science
Rutgers University – New Brunswick

Dr. Abhaya Datye
PROJECT: Integrative Nanoscience and Microsystems
University of New Mexico

Dr. Virginia de Sa
PROJECT: Vision and Learning in Humans and Machines
University of California – San Diego

Dr. Drena Dobbs
PROJECT: Computational Molecular Biology Training Group
Iowa State University

Dr. Brian Drayton

Dr. Ginny Eckert
PROJECT: IGERT: Marine Ecosystem Sustainability in the Arctic and Subarctic (MESAS)
University of Alaska

Dr. Barbara Entwisle
PROJECT: Integrative Graduate Education, Research, and Training in Population and Environment
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Dr. Roseanne Foti
PROJECT: IGERT: EIGER- Exploring Interfaces through Graduate Education and Research
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Dr. Catherine Gehring
PROJECT: IGERT – Integrative Bioscience: Genes to Environment
Northern Arizona University

Dr. Judy Giordan
University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Bruce Hinds
PROJECT: IGERT: Building Leadership Through a Program on Engineered Bioactive Interfaces and Devices
University of Kentucky

Dr. Brian Humes

Dr. Keith Hutchison
PROJECT: IGERT: Predoctoral Training in Functional Genomics of Model Organisms
University of Maine

Dr. William Inskeep
PROJECT: IGERT: Geobiological Systems Science: Providing Connectivity across Molecular and Environmental Scales
Montana State University

Dr. David Keffer
PROJECT: IGERT: STAIR: Sustainable Technology through Advanced Interdisciplinary Research

Dr. Lisa Kemp
Ablitech, Inc.

Dr. Ranjit Koodali
PROJECT: IGERT: Nanostructured Solar Cells: Materials, Processes and Devices
University of South Dakota

Dr. Elaine (Xiaoqin) Li
PROJECT: IGERT: Atomic and Molecular Imaging of Interfaces/Defects in Electronic, Spintronic, and Organic/Inorganic Materials
University of Texas Austin

Dr. Robert Opila
PROJECT: IGERT: Sustainable Energy from Solar Hydrogen
University of Delaware

Dr. Cynthia Peterson
PROJECT: IGERT: Scalable Computing and Leading Edge Innovative Technologies (SCALE-IT) for Biology
University of Tennessee Knoxville

Dr. Mary Rezac
PROJECT: IGERT: From Crops to Commuting: Integrating the Social, Technological, and Agricultural Aspects of Renewable and Sustainable Biorefining (I-STAR)
Kansas State University

Dr. Joseph Ross Jr.
PROJECT: IGERT: New Mathematical Tools for Next Generation Materials
Texas A&M University

Dr. Shashi Shekhar
PROJECT: IGERT: Non- Equilibrium Dynamics Across Space and Time: A common Approach for Engineers, Earth Scientists, Ecologists
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Dr. Judith Swift
PROJECT: IGERT: Assessing Change in Coastal Ecosystems: Integrating Natural and Social Sciences (CIIP)
University of Rhode Island

Dr. C. Susan Weiler

Dr. Claire Welty
PROJECT: IGERT: Water in the Urban Environment
University of Maryland – Baltimore County