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University of Washington Data Science Education


The Data Science IGERT Program at the University of Washington is recruiting students!

If you or someone you know is interested in pursuing a graduate program at UW, now you can also develop your data science skills within your major. Please check out our program here:

Course work includes:
3 of the 4 following courses:
- Data Management (CSE 544)
- Machine Learning (CSE 546 or STAT 535)
- Data Visualization (CSE 512)
- Statistics (STAT 509 or STAT 512-512)

Enrollment in the eScience Community Seminar

Note that you do have to be accepted to a UW Graduate Program to qualify for the IGERT Program. Information on that is here:

You can then apply for Data Science IGERT funding (two years stipend and tuition, with some additional requirements, here:

But you don’t have to have IGERT funding to participate in Data Science! Once you’ve been admitted to a department, contact Jennifer Worrell (IGERT Program Manager and Advisor) or your Department Grad Advisor directly for details on completing Data Science coursework in your department.

Get valuable training that will enhance your career while pursuing a top-tier education at the UW!