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25 New IGERT Projects

Description: welcomes 25 new projects
Twenty-five new IGERT grants have been awarded. We extend our congratulations to the following PIs and to their entire staff, and we look forward to their active collaboration here on To read the abstracts or find more information for these new projects, use the links below:

PROJECT: Integrative Training in Health-Assistive Smart Environments, Washington State University
PI: Diane J. Cook

PROJECT: Food Systems and Poverty Reduction, Cornell University
PI: Christopher B. Barrett

PROJECT: Resilience and adaptive governance in stressed watersheds, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
PI: Craig R. Allen

PROJECT: Evaluating resilience of ecological and social systems in changing landscapes: a doctoral research and education program in Idaho and Costa Rica, University of Idaho

PI: Nilsa A. Bosque-Perez

PROJECT: The Dynamics of Brain-Body-Environment Systems in Behavior and Cognition, Indiana University

PI: Randall D. Beer

PROJECT: Multidisciplinary, Team-Based Training in Watershed Science and Policy, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
PI: Nicholas Pinter

PROJECT: Global Change, Marine Ecosystems, and Society, University of California – San Diego Scripps Institute of Oceanography
PI: Richard D. Norris

PROJECT: Environmental Aquatic Resource Sensing: Basic Science, Business Education and Outreach, Kent State University Miami University
PI: Laura G. Leff

PROJECT: Solving Urbanization Challenges by Design – A New PhD Program Between Architecture and Engineering, Columbia University

PI: Patricia J. Culligan

PROJECT: Neuroengineering-a unified educational program for systems engineering and neuroscience, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
PI: Douglas L. Jones

PROJECT: Open Data: Graduate Training for Data Sharing and Reuse in E-Science, University of Michigan
PI: Margaret L. Hedstrom

PROJECT: Integrative Training in Motor Control and Movement, University of Chicago Northwestern University
PI: Melina E. Hale

PROJECT: A Graduate Traineeship in Materials for a Sustainable Future, Cornell University
PI: Paul J. Chirik

PROJECT: Usable Privacy and Security, Carnegie-Mellon University
PI: Lorrie Cranor

PROJECT: Nanotechnology for Clean Energy, Rutgers University New Brunswick Princeton University
PI: Manish Chhowalla

PROJECT: Video Bioinformatics, University of California – Riverside

PI: Bir Bhanu

PROJECT: An Integrated Program on Development and Inequality in the Global South, Brown University
PI: Barbara Stallings

PROJECT: The Solar Economy (SEIGERT), Purdue University University of Delaware, University of Texas at El Paso
PI: Rakesh Agrawal

PROJECT: Solutions for Renewable and Sustainable Fuels in the 21st Century, Rutgers University New Brunswick
PI: Eric Lam

PROJECT: Nanostructured Solar Cells: Materials, Processes and Devices, University of South Dakota South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, South Dakota State University
PI: Mary T. Berry

PROJECT: From crops to commuting: integrating the social, technological, and agricultural aspects of renewable and sustainable biorefining (I-STAR), Kansas State University

PI: Mary E. Rezac

PROJECT: Biological and Bio-inspired Motion Systems Operating in Complex Environments, University of California – Berkeley

PI: Robert J. Full

PROJECT: Nitrogen Systems: Policy-oriented Integrated Research & Education (NSPIRE), Washington State University
PI: Brian Lamb

PROJECT: Nanobiosensors, Nanomaterials, and Microfluidics, University of Utah

PI: Marc Porter

PROJECT: Clean Energy for Green Industry at UCLA, University of California – Los Angeles
PI: Diana Huffaker