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We would like to acknowledge the following trainees who have agreed to serve on the advisory board this year and who met with us for a full day on December 11th. These trainees were extraordinarily articulate, thoughtful and reflective and their input will be very valuable in improving in the year ahead.

Each of the seven trainees won an award in last year’s online video and poster competition. They have each agreed to serve as mentors to new trainees who will be competing this year. In addition, they were enthusiastic about posting content to the site, hosting webinars on the site, and encouraging their colleagues to get involved.

We would like to thank the trainees as well as their PIs who enabled these trainees to take a leadership role.

The seven trainees are listed below along with the names of their projects and principal investigators.

  • Kristy Jost, Fellowships in Nanoscale Science and Engineering: The Two University / One Campus Approach 2, Yury Gogotsi (PI)
  • Jesse Kohl, Nanotechnology for Clean Energy, Manish Chhowalla (PI)
  • Matthew Cooper, Global Linkages of Biology, Environment, and Society, Jeffrey Feder (PI)
  • Noam Ross, Responding to Rapid Environmental Change (REACH): From Genes to Ecosystems, Science to Society, Sharon Strauss (PI)
  • Diana Graizbord, An Integrated Program on Development and Inequality in the Global South, Barbara Stallings (PI)
  • Margery Hines, Intelligent Diagnostics for Aging Civil Infrastructure, Sara Wadia-Fascetti (PI)
  • Aadeel Akhtar, Neuroengineering: A Unified Educational Program for Systems Engineering and Neuroscience, Douglas Jones (PI)

Visit About to see all of our current and past Advisory Board members.