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Many thanks to the judges for the IGERT Trainee Poster Challenge!


We would like to sincerely thank the judges for the IGERT Trainee Poster Challenge, who volunteered their time during the PI meeting to evaluate trainee posters and choose our 10 awardees.

Dr. Sumanta Acharya
PROJECT: IGERT on Multi-scale Computations of Fluid Dynamics
Louisiana State University & A&M College

Dr. Gary Benson
PROJECT: IGERT: Integrating Computational Science into Research in Biological Networks
Boston University

Dr. Michael Bevan
PROJECT: IGERT: Physical & Biomolecular Foundations for Designing Nanoprobes for Biology
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Yan Chen
PROJECT: IGERT: Incentive-Centered Design for Information and Communication Systems
University of Michigan

Dr. Julia Cherry
PROJECT: IGERT: Freshwater Graduate Studies Link Fundamental Science with Applications through Integration of Ecology, Hydrology, & Geochemistry in Regions with Contrasting Climates
University of Alabama

Dr. Abhaya Datye
PROJECT: Integrative Nanoscience and Microsystems
University of New Mexico

Dr. Virginia de Sa
PROJECT: Vision and Learning in Humans and Machines
University of California – San Diego

Dr. Drena Dobbs
PROJECT: Computational Molecular Biology Training Group
Iowa State University

Dr. Brian Drayton

Dr. Ginny Eckert
PROJECT: IGERT: Marine Ecosystem Sustainability in the Arctic and Subarctic (MESAS)
University of Alaska

Dr. Barbara Entwisle
PROJECT: Integrative Graduate Education, Research, and Training in Population and Environment
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Dr. Lee Fitzgerald
PROJECT: IGERT: Applied Biodiversity Science – Bridging Ecology, Culture, and Governance for Effective Conservation in the Americas
Texas A&M University

Dr. Joel R. Fried
PROJECT: Bio-Applications of Membrane Science and Technology
University of Cincinnati

Dr. Larry Friedman
Bayer Materials Science (retired)

Dr. Judy Giordan
University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Liz Hedstrom
PROJECT: IGERT: Time, Space, and Structure: Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems
Brandeis University

Dr. Bruce Hinds
PROJECT: IGERT: Building Leadership Through a Program on Engineered Bioactive Interfaces and Devices
University of Kentucky Research Foundation

Dr. William E. Holben
PROJECT: Montana-Ecology of Infectious Disease: Integrative Graduate Training on Multi-Scalar Computational, Mathematical and Empirical Approaches to Complex Biological Problems
University of Montana

Dr. Julia A. Jones
PROJECT: Ecosystem Informatics
Oregon State University

Dr. Timothy Kohler
PROJECT: IGERT: Model-based Approaches to Biological and Cultural Evolution
Washington State University

Dr. Peter K. Liaw
PROJECT: Materials Lifetime Science and Engineering
University of Tennessee Knoxville

Dr. Maia Martcheva
PROJECT: IGERT: Spatial Ecology and Evolution: Quantitative Training in Biology, Statistics, and Mathematics
University of Florida

Ms. Mimi McClure

Dr. Kishor C. Mehta
PROJECT: Multidisciplinary Program in Wind Science and Engineering
Texas Tech University

Dr. Prabhas Moghe
PROJECT: IGERT: Integrated Science and Engineering of Stem Cells
Rutgers University New Brunswick

Dr. Michael Mooney
PROJECT: IGERT: Intelligent Geosystems
Colorado School of Mines

Dr. Raymond Newman
PROJECT: IGERT: Risk Analysis for Introduced Species and Genotypes
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Dr. Doug Oliver

Dr. Kitchka Petrova

Ms. Carol F. Stoel