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Invitation program for foreign researchers


NSF shares this new Japanese fellowship opportunity:

Outline of the subsidy program
This program, by supporting travel, living and accommodation expenses of the invited researchers, encourages Japanese research institutes to conduct joint R&D activities in telecommunication and broadcasting technology with a participation of foreign researchers.

Qualification requirements for research institutes
Applicant should be a Japanese research institute that plans to make technological development or academic research in telecommunication and broadcasting technology by inviting foreign researchers who are based in other countries than Japan. A research institute here means universities, public-interest corporations and laboratories of private entities. (Not including NICT)

Qualification requirements for participating researchers
A participating researcher must have an excellent research achievement of telecommunications and/or broadcasting technologies and have academic degree equivalent to a Japanese doctorate or research ability to be recognized equivalent to as such.

Period for acceptance of application
From October 3, 2011 to December 2, 2012

Guidelines for application
Application should be made by a qualified Japanese research institute. A researcher who wishes to participate in this program should contact a Japanese research institute which has a plan to host such a joint R&D activity that can utilize the program. For further details, please refer to the terms and conditions of the program, and application procedure provided on NICT home page:

For more information, see the full outline of the NICT Invitation PDF.